Single File, project folder and debugging, visual studio express 2012

Hello everyone,
so I want to learn how to debug sooooo bad!!! I used code blocks and am trying to learn how to use it but am having this problem...if one is dealing with a single file codeblocks will not debug...ok i create a project and place my code in that project...and yeah..code::blocks now give me the chance to debug fine... but anytime i try to run my code which is now in the keeps on running the hello world code which came with the project...the thing is sooo frustrating...all i can do with my code in the project is ..."compile current file" thats time and it keeps on running hello i deleted the main hello world file from the project..nothing! just keeps running that same thing...any help from the expects? thanks...
another question....
I have visual studio express 2013...and hell yeah..setting it up for c++ is a pain in the neck...they have visual c++...but i thought it was the same time and visual studio tells me cout is not declared...hey what! lol...what is the include iostream up there doing??? i try to set up a project there too..but i dont see win console to choose...all too confusing... some one give me some tutorials...thanks

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if you delete the main.cpp file it wont do a thing. i had this issue with codeblocks where when i recompiled it didnt overwrite the exe so you have to go in and delete yourself
DTSCode..go in where again??? i went into the project and delete the main hello world thing...where else should i go ???
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delete the exe
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