Young C++ Programmers

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Hello, I'm a 14 year old rookie C++ programmer, I couldn't even consider myself a programmer yet, but I'm doing it for the last 3 months, and I really like it, but I am hoping if I could find someone of my age and experience to interact with and share information as well as experience. I'm sorry if I spelled anything incorrectly; english is not my first language

Are you from Bulgaria?
Hi. Maybe we can make a good team, Im not a native english too and Im a teenager learner. PM me your email adderess and we can talk more.
Sure, I sent you my e-mail and contact me...
can I join to your team??
Our group hasnt created yetbut PM your
email to us and we will talk there..

limelopez4, do you have Google+?
I'm also a young c++ programmer and been with C++ for 2 months. :)
I would like to join too and by the way, English is my second language :)
contact me too :3
+standhere and +emmep93 please turn on PM in your account setting
@fmehri76 done :)
@fmehri76 done
what would you prefer for communication?
I am trying out the Google+ and I have to admit it's pretty good for that stuff, so if anyone has it, I'll be glad to add them in my circles and we'll talk
+standhere and

please say what you prefer:facebook,google+ or skype?.
or maybe ICQ?
i prefer skype
I go for skype too
Can I join you guys as well? Add me on skype: "Honorable." with the dot in the name.
from florida right?
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