Young C++ Programmers

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We go for skype then, I want everyone to give me your skype names and full names, and I'll add you all to a group
I'm 14 and am interested, i think we would learn much faster in a group.
my skype ID is lark774
Currently there are 5 of us, anyone else?
is 24 too old? LOL
eh, you'll do just fine
awesome sauce
check out codingWithHambone on youtube if you would like. It is my channel with some basic game programming stuff
Can I join? If it's ok, I can send you my Skype username.
If you all really would not mind an older gent my skype is

can anyone help me with this?

typedef struct
char *name;
double weight;
double price;


int number, x;

printf("maximum number of containers the ship can carry:");
scanf("%d", &number);

for (x=0;x<number;x++)
Container * cont[x];

Container * cont[x] wount work.

Filip Cvetko is 17 going to 18 (in September)?

I am 14, and my birthday is in June
Let me join too,
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Those who want to join PM me your skype names
I dont use skype. Just fb
maybe you should
anyone else?
This thread should be in the lounge just saying.

Also as for kuekchunhian please don't hijack threads create your own if you need help.
I'm a professional, 24-year-old software engineer willing to help.
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