how to compare an individual value in an array to an entire seperate array

Kind of a specific question, but here goes.

Say I need to code a program that counts how many consonants are in a word, which is contained in an array called "char word[const]"

I've set up an array that contains all of the consonants in the standard English alphabet in upper and lower case, called "char allConsonants[blah]"

I want to set up a comparison, where if one of the variables in the word array matches any of the characters in the allConsonants array, it'll add one to a counter. Something like:

if (strcmp(word[0], allConsonants) == 0)

But obviously that doesn't work. How would I go about doing this? Thanks in advance!
First of all it is enough to define either upper case consonants or lower case consonants. To determine whether a character is present in a string you can use function std::strchr . For example

if ( std::strchr( allConsonants, std::toupper( word[0] ) ) != 0 )
   std::cout << word[0] << " is a consonant" << std::endl;

If you know standard algorithms then you can use std::count_if with a lambda expression to count all consonants in a word.
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I'm sure that would work, but it's at a level far above where I'm at. A quick ctrl+f through my textbook shows that lambda expressions and std::strchr functions aren't even covered.

I appreciate the help, either way.
Then why did you use function std::strcmp? If you use function std::strcmp then you may use std::strchr.
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