convolutional codes with c++

Hello, please I am new to c++ and need to simulate convolutional code with c++ any suggestions on how to begin.
any help please
convolutional code? what do you mean by that? clear that up for me
Sounds like a trolling topic to me.

Otherwise the OP should learn to ask a proper question.
convolutional code is intangible and unwritable no one can help u :P
I suggest that you take a look at wikipedia first:
cool man, atleast u checked it on wiki, thanks for sharing it, looks like the poor fellow is in some deep serious shit!!! :D
you are posting his in the beginners forum,
i don't think this is a beginner's issue, the problem looks somewhat sophisticated, and beginners most likely are learning the syntax of the language.

i'm a beginner myself, don't assume that i'm an expert.
maybe moving the post to General C++ Programming forum can help you more.

PS: if you are a beginner, i suggest you try with some simpler problem.
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