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I need help trying to hack.

You really need to be more specific.

and in all honesty, hacking isnt so much as a strictly c++ thing as it is a computer science as a whole. im sure you could find a website that is directed at hacking 's hacking site has a fair amount of information for hacking sql, reverse engineering .exe's etc.
it requires a bit of knowledge about networking, but its pretty easily overall
I wouldn't go to that site ^. Wanted to run a javascript file as soon as I visited it o.O
How To Become A Hacker
Eric Steven Raymond
Step 1: Casually ask victim for their username and password.

Step 2:
Step 1 Failed - Repeat step 1
Step 1 Passed - Move to step 3

Step 3: "Hack"
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit
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I've personally always preferred a slashing method, but if you really want to hack, I suggest using an axe.
Well, if you want to hack with C++, I'm sure the first step is to learn the language.

Oh, and don't focus on learning to hack. Just focus on PROGRAMMING. While you learn it, you will learn the skills necessary to hack.
if you want to know how to exploit programs your going to have to know a lot about programs, and networking.
^Yes, so no Cheat Engine or other crap. It may look like you're a "hacker" but in reality you aren't.

Avoid using other's tools. They might actually be viruses to steal your info. Write all your own code.
About wowomg, it should be the so-famous "Meatspin".
If you don't know what that is, go to that website.
Hacking in the traditional sense is rapidly dying and becoming entirely too difficult. A lot of "hacking" anymore is just social engineering. People are always going to be easier to manipulate into giving you information than a computer.

For example, finding someones SSN is as easy as convincing them that they need to supply the last 4 digits for something (which is very common). The rest of the SSN can be figured out by knowing their birth date and place.

If you're just looking to show off for your friends then learning this will be the most economical use of your time. Yes this will make you a "Script Kiddie" and you'll have all of the respect that title comes with, but we all had to start somewhere.
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personally i would use . they have a link to another blog that lets you download a bunch of white hat hacking tutorials and a few black hat too ;).

@Fredbill: i would take a look at the script before doing away with the site as a whole. java script can be used as a valid tool to make sites cooler when used right.

edit: made the link clickable
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If you're coming here asking how to do it, you lack the mindset to ever be a real hacker.
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no he doesnt. everyone needs to start somewhere, and we are guiding him down the right path
...and we are guiding him down the right path
I'm cynical enough to not follow any of the links posted (apart from my own), so I wander wonder what this right path holds for him.
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@grey wolf: *wonder (sorry it just really bugs me reading it that way. not trying to be a grammar nazi). mines from blogspot so i doubt they have any viruses running
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the governmint is making it out as though hackers have this power they dont have, its all to regulate the internet.

I guess though all leaked data is from people who know the governmint is up to no good, maybe both sides want to pretend hackers exist.
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