How can I make a simple text Splash Screen

I've been writing a small CLI program in C++ which will take and store some student data in ram and will manipulate them when needed.

I've 2 questions now.
1. I like to create a splash screen nothing fancy like displaying a image or anything like to keep it simple some text massage in the same window some up after a small time period the main program loads how can I archive this I've been going through "google" and trying every thing but ending in disaster.

2. I want to change the font color and the background color of the console so it will be little more easy on the eyes of the user can this be cone using the command SYSTEM(color b2) the way we change the color in CMD normally.

And please keep in mind I've just started to wonder in to the big world of C++ I'm still maggot compared to you guys I might nag you but please bear with me.

Thank you.
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thats an article about adding colkor, i didnt write it nor test the code however.

i should also probably ask if your using windows
Yes, I'm using windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
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