Garbage Collection

I've taken Java classes in school, and I know that it has a built in garbage collector, but I have been teaching myself about C++, and I don't have a clue about garbage collecting, and I'm sure that all of my C++ programs have memory leaks. What tutorials do a good job explaining how to garbage collect starting at a very basic level and continuing to a more advanced level?
C/C++ has no garbage collector. You shall yourself free unused heap memory.
In C++, the best ways to avoid memory leaks are:

1) Don't use new unless you have to
2) Use containers like vector rather than trying to allocate memory yourself
3) if you have to use new, put it in a smart pointer (like unique_ptr) so you do not have to manually delete it.
4) If you are using a C lib that expects you to clean up (for example, creating GDI objects in Windows), write classes which exercise RAII and destroy their objects in the destructor.
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