Looking for a partner to make console c++ text game

If you're interested, let me know..
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Did you make some games yourself or you want to learn how to make one?
I have experience with C++ for 15 months now. I'm actually using C++ to communicate with graphics drivers.

But I've decided to backtrack to console and make an excellent game.
what is rain? ;)
Right now I'm learning c++ to make a game with OpenGL/freeGLUT.
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Ok ,By me tell me your game and lets begin do it
we divide work between us or anyone hwo want to help maybe at the end we may implement a first game! for this great forum and getting some advices from exprets guys from this forum,is good way to improvement but only if it is on console
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Okay.. add me on skype: gamemaker96.
No:) I mean the game will be implemented in this forum.no outside
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just add me on skype.. it will easier to communicate..
ok so what do you wanna do then?
Tell us the idea of this game and I'll help achive it,
for me I just wanna see how good I am in programming by getting some opinion from some experet here
Well can you not make a skype account, so we can discuss there and get help here? because it's really stupid posting here for everyone to see our small talk..
You can sand me private messages here
Hey I am interested. I am not experienced with making games, but I can read if you have any recommended books. I'm on google talk and pm here is also open
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