New to C++ for API / Algo Trading

Hi guys.

I am limited in experience with programming languages as I was simply never interested before. I started using VBA for my work, and my method of learning was simply using record macro function to reverse engineer how certain coding worked. About 6 weeks later I didn't really need to use record macro anymore and any code I would look up on Google I could just read it, understand it, and implement it for my uses. I would now spend an hour or two just writing code for what I needed to perform and then it might take me a few minutes to debug and voila. (Maybe I have a knack for it?)

The key thing was after recording macros and staring at them for about a week, I picked up a John Walkenbach book and simply read the structure of VBA and boom, it all clicked and my learning increased exponentially.

I've been going through the tutorial PDF on this site and at about page 40 now I am picking up on all of these things incredibly quickly... I'll read sections on syntax and operators and whatever, then I just tell myself what the output/result will be before I even finish reading the line and I don't get them wrong (obviously this is pretty simple level stuff right now though).

My issue is: C++ is ginormous and, for the time being, am wanting to learn a very limited range of what it can do. SPECIFICALLY: Write my own criteria and logic for stock information and then send executions / orders to Interactive Brokers API. (My friend I'm working with is learning MATLAB and we plan on coming together at some point, his work being modelling/the math, mine being the execution).

It seems I learn best and fastest when I first "try", then read the fundamentals, and then go back and try again. This is different though, because C++ has no analogous "record macro" button.

Anybody have any ideas on what I should do? What kind of simple project I could start on? Maybe sending data from one program to another as an example. And where I could find the associated resources to get started on such a task?

PS Great site and great forum. I look forward to future posts and sticking around. I want to have C++ as a skill because I see huge amounts of potential.
am wanting to learn a very limited range of what it can do.

Well once you know the syntax (which you need for pretty much anything) you can theoretically write and begin learning other "areas". As for beginner projects, a quick Google should help you.

Just to put it on record: C++ is nothing like Microsoft macros. While yes they could be seen as requiring a similar logical mindset, that is where it ends as far as I know.
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