returnning passed array from a function

I want to pass a 2dim array called aArray1[51][4] to a function. The function job is swapping 2 rows of array. I want to know that Is aArray1 changed too or I should do something else to transfer the swap to the aArray1 in the end of function?

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You can use standard function std:;swap to swap some two rows of a two-dimensional array.
thank you vlad from moscow. My problem is not the swap function, My problem is, I want to know that Can I see the change the function made after calling that function or do something to make that change affect on my aArray1?
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You can return a bool value from the function that will report whether the function changed your array or not.
But it seems there is another problem . You do not understand arrays. So I am repeating you can use function std:;swap to swap any rows of an array.
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