How to start?

Hello guys, my name is Vincent, im from Lithuania sorry if my English is not very well, i really want to start programming to develop apps and other things like games and stuff, and i don't know what language, how, what i need to start.
Can i learn programming in forums? other websites? or should i buy a book?
I've heard off c++ language, that its used for some games? well, i just need your help people. Thank you.
Hi Vincent!

Welcome to one of the best C++ forums on the planet! I guess most of us are biased toward C++ so naturally, we will suggest that you learn it!

There are lots of great examples on this site, and lots of great programmers to answer your questions.

When I started learning C++, I started with Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++". There are other numerous books out there too. But get a book, and look at the articles here.

Good luck!


Keith E. Cooper (Kooth)
I reccomend it and it can be used for games. For android apps you do need to know some java though. It would be easiet to get a book and i reccomend c++ without fear 2nd edition by brian overland.
In english:
C++ is the best,this is c++ website.And yes,C++ is for big games.
In lithuanian:
Pakviesk i skype, mantasxxl3 ,turiu grupe,padesim.
Hey guys! Thanks for help, ok then i think i will try c++! :)
Kooth and toad i will search for those books and i will try downloading them on my ipad! thanks alot! Foxefde, Labas, as tave pakvieciau i skype, susirasisim! :)
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