Linking files

I have a .cpp file and a .h file in my .h file I have difinitions...
#define THIS_THING

I have probably 20 definitions in my .cpp
I use THIS_THING and my compiler g++ says it doesn't exist...
I have a #include "myheader.h"
What is wrong???
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What are you defining?
Asci codes
#define BLACK_BG \033[7;30m"
Etc every color for background , text, bold, dark, underline, etc
You have an #ifdef there, did you mean #ifndef for include guards?
Its ifndef not ifdef???
Thanks I just assumed it was ifdef...
#ifdef means "if defined", so if that macro wasn't defined nothing inside will be compiled.
Yeah I always wondered about that I would read .h files and see
But I thought it said
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