Can not install game libraries

I've tried every IDE, every game library, followed every tutorial. nothing works correctly.

Please, I want a simple "This is how you install THIS library in THIS ide".

I've been trying for hours, nothing works, please help.
Which libraries have you tried and using which IDE?
Allegro, SDL.

VS Express, DevC++, Code::Blocks.

Probably watched or read 20+ tutorials on each, nothing works.
I feel your pain
I tried allegro too
still doesn't work, but try at the command line a simple
make install

But if you've tried everything this probably won't help
Well I never found allegro that hard to setup on DevC++, All I did was add the DevPack once I found it, for SDL I think you need to just copy the SDL headers in the proper directory, let met give em a go and if I get it working I'll share with ja.
okay got allegro working

I have the following installed.
DevC++ ver.
allegro42.dll (

1. install the devpack for allegro.

2. open devc++ and create any project

3. add the linker to compile everytime
*under the Tools menu select compile
*tick the second check box (add these commands to the linker command line)
*write ( -lalleg ) in the empty space underneath the checkbox option
*select OK;

4. the devpack does not contain the allegro42.dll file download it and past it in system32

5. enjoy coding in allegro.

I really don't suggest using Dev-C++.
It's outdated and the DevPack may contain anything, even malwares.
IMO you should use Orwell Dev-C++ (NOT bloodshed!!) or Code::Blocks and set things up manually.
It's safer and you will learn good things from doing it.

For SDL:
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