Question about Posix functions and Windows

I've read that POSIX is deprecated in Windows 8 and will be completely removed from the next release.Are all C functions Posix functions so none of C functions will work,or are only the functions in libraries

cpio.h  dirent.h  fcntl.h  grp.h  pwd.h  
sys/stat.h  sys/times.h  sys/types.h  sys/utsname.h  sys/wait.h  
tar.h  termios.h  unistd.h  utime.h

Posix functions which will not work?

posix is the family of standards of unix. I don't think you should be even using dirent/ termios / unistd in windows anyhow? Just because windows doesn't use them doesnt mean they are garbage. I mean it is Microsoft. I dont think they will be going anywhere regardless of what microsoft does.
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Thanks for your answer.

I didn't understand posix functions exactly.Does it mean that none of C functions will work on newer Windows versions or only the functions in the libraries which I wrote will not work on newer Windows versions?

Also,is there a relation between posix and console screen of Windows(command prompt)?
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