How long will it take to make a game?

Hello, my name is Wilson and I am 15 years old since last month. I always wanted to make a game, and I have toyed with things like RPG Maker and Game Maker when I was a kid, but I never really did do anything with them. Now that I'm older, I actually want to create something. My plan is to possibly create a full-featured singleplayer side-scrolling RPG - kind of like Maplestory for those of you who know what that is - before I graduate high school, which is around 3 full years. Now I have tried to learn C++ before, so I do know some things. So far, I have an understanding of:

-Arrays, but not Multi-Dimensional
-Vectors and Iterators
-Logical Operators
-Simple Classes(I know how to initialize and use them)
-Header Files(How to make one)
-Loops(Do...while, while, if, for)

And that's about it. I'm planning to revisit them, but I know how they work, so it won't take long. The other topics will though. Now my question is, if I spend around, let's say, 2 hours a day, consistently, for the next 3 years, can my RPG dream come true? And what sources should I use to learn c++? It won't be a huge game, just a couple hours long. I just want to know if this is a viable route to take to achieve my goal. I will probably be using the SDL or SFML libraries to make this game of mine.
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i would recoment this book, it has focus on C++ game development and after reading it you would be able to learn sfml or sdl without any problem. and it has examples how to use the things you learn i games.
and if you use 2-3 hours a day it would take something like 3 month to learn what you need to know.

hope it was helpfull :)
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