Difficulty learning c++

Hey im only learning to code c++ and im finding it very daunting. When i look through the tutorials on the documentation page i dont see how i can link what they say to game making which is what im interested in.

I have a few questions to ask and id like to get a detailed simple answer to help me understand better thank you.

What is an array and whats its use in relation to game making??

What are classes and how do i use them???

Why do i need a lua file to link to my loot system for a game ???

How do i relate what ive learnt to game making with an engine such as cryengine ???

Thanks for your time.
Maybe you should learn the basics of the language before trying to make a game. Arrays and classes are definitely things you need to know.
i have already learnt the basics in the section on the tutorials but i can only make print appear after execution.
i am a noob too. thats because you look at the examples and not the pattern you can make with them
for your questions:
*arrays are way to store more elements of the same type instead of declaring a lot of memory consuming variables

*classes are way to store not only members they can store functions too that have the type of the class name
(one class declared it became a valid type) you create object to interact with the class entities

to get better look at the connection to gaming you should know better what libraries are

please note if you have better explanations fellas
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i just cant see how these guys program all this kind of stuff.... it all seems so complicated and very discouraging.

Plese take a look:


Please read it. I hope it helps...
If you want to make a game - you should learn about different libraries that can help you to make graphic for your game (such as OpenGl and its friends, Qt, and etc.).
Yours nowadays knowleges - are only the base for further learning.
i just cant see how these guys program all this kind of stuff.... it all seems so complicated and very discouraging.

its not just the language you need to know its include IDE , behaviors of the compiler , how memory works
this not as simple as reading the documentation. you probably feel stupid right now but dont be
im feeling exactly like you but i understand that it will pass our my expierience will grow
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It breaks me to say this, but this field unfortunately requires an innate talent; excellent "left-brained," logical, structured thinking is necessary.
This is a great thread for beginners.Let me say this.
There are people who learn how to play the flute for many years.
OK they can play some songs and some Christmas carols.
But they will never be able to accomplish what Ludwig van Beethoven did.
But who knows just try and see.
I hope you know what I mean.
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