Which thread library should I use?

Hi. I am currently looking at learning how to do multithreading in C++ to break the limit of just knowing how to run one.

I use 64-bit Windows 7. So I guess that some people would suggest that I should use Windows-specific libraries that aren't cross platform. But isn't that a bad habit? What library should I learn to use for multithreading if I want to make cross platform programs that have mutiple threads? What libraries are good to avoid learning bad habits in this area? Any tips? Ofcourse it has to work on Windows, since that's what I am using.
C++11 has standard library support for threading, taken basically from the Boost techniques. So I'd learn that since it is cross-platform.

Sounds interesting indeed :).

But sadly my Visual Studio 2010 does not support <thread> :(. I use it with Windows7.1SDK. Any tips of any good free IDEs or SDKs/tools that can help me use that header?
Then use Boost library. :)
Ok, I will take a look at it :).
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