headers in dev-c++

I'm trying to compile code beginning thus (hough_transform.cpp from the CImg examples - I've copied CImg.h to the include folder):

#include "CImg.h"
using namespace cimg_library;
#ifndef cimg_imagepath
#define cimg_imagepath "img/"

I'm getting the following error messages, which are gibberish to me (help!):

44 C:\Users\RS\Documents\CImg-1.5.6\CImg-1.5.6\hough_transform.cpp 
In file included from C:\Users\RS\Documents\CImg-1.5.6\CImg-1.5.6\hough_transform.cpp
In member function `cimg_library::CImg<typename cimg_library::CImg<t>::Tuint> 
cimg_library::CImg<T>::get_index(const cimg_library::CImg<t>&, float, bool) const': 
44 C:\Users\RS\Documents\CImg-1.5.6\CImg-1.5.6\CImg.h in int_const_binop, at fold-const.c:1328 

PS I'm trying to find, in a set of b&w images, the orientations and center positions of rectangles (bright against a fairly uniform dark background) of similar sizes. I'd love to use something equivalent to the Mosaic plugin for ImageJ for round particles.
The error is in your cimg class in your header file. Hope that helps a little.
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