How to store data when message is received for messaging App on blackberry 10


I m trying to make a message app for blackberry 10, while receiving a message it pops up on the screen.

And after message is received it will store in the database.
how to store receiving message data in the database.
If anyone know then please let me know..

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What do you want to do, can you explain it more?
Hi senhor,

When any message received it will pop up on the screen.
I just want make app for receiving message.
I have no idea about android programming, but I think you need to reach message memory. And I think there must be a gadget for that. Did you try to search it on google play?
is android same as blackberry ?
As I know Blackberry 10 uses android.
But I searched it is not android it uses GNX( Unix-like ).

Sorry for wrong information.
nah blackberry 10 not uses android..
blackberry 10 is different from android.
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