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what would be the necessary code needed to answer this question. I have tried multiple codes all failing miserably.

From recent data students with an overall GPA of 3.0 may get a job that pays an
average starting salary of about $80,000, while students who have a GPA at the time
of graduation of 4.0 earn up to $120,000. You may assume a linear relationship
between the overall GPA and the starting salary. Develop a computer program to
calculate the present value of obtaining an “A” compared to a “B” in this class. The
answer may surprise you. The inputs required for the code are
a) Yearly rate of increase in salary for a student who gets an A compared to a B in
PNG430. For example, you should enter 0.05 for a 5% rate of increase in salary.
Assume a rate of 5% for your base case calculations here.
b) Yearly rate of increase in salary for a student who gets a B in PNG430. One
could assume that the salary rates for these students are similar, but in general a
“B” student will receive smaller salary increases over their lifetime than a typical
“A” student. Let’s be nice, however, and assume a rate of 5% for your
calculations, which is equal to the “A” student increase.
c) The yearly inflation (or discount) rate. Assume a rate of 3% for your calculations
to account for the time value of money.
d) Total number of classes for your degree, where for simplicity we assume that all
classes have the same number of credits. Please use 43 classes for your
calculations, which is equivalent to 129 credits.
e) Your total number of working years, which we will take as 40 years for purposes
of this calculation.
Ok, hello nraker, nice to see a new member! Any way, make some integers, and fill their values with the variables above. Then, manipulate them with the formulas you are supposed to use.
Also, perhaps you could post one of the programs you thought was pretty close so we can explain why it isn't working.
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