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Hi.I have been programming for 8 months now.All my programs I used Ubuntu and terminal.So I feel its time to start and test myself.I want to start to develop live things.Things to use on a computer or phone.Please help.Its about time.
it depends on your programming skills, bro... how far have you learned about C++? and, what kind of programs you want to create?
chipp is right, you're basically asking us "What should I write next?" and not giving us any indication of your ability. You say you've only written console applications but that doesn't actually tell us anything. Some of the most advanced apps I write don't spawn a GUI because they don't need to. They run in the background and monitor what they are supposed to, fix what errors they can and notify the relevant parties of critical issues it can't fix via Email. Now we could go through your posting history and see what you're capable of but most of us are far too lazy for that.
This is just a little "hint." I am assuming that by "programming" you meant in C++ (because you are on cplusplus.com), if this is the case then you really cant program on phones (well, not android/iphone).

As you might know, all android apps are written in Java, and IOS apps are written in Objective C, which means you cannot program apps with C++.

That being said, if all you know is C++, then I would recommend you either expand your skills in C++ and evolve past the terminal, or expand your knowledge base and learn some other languages.

which means you cannot program apps with C++.

Not true. http://developer.android.com/tools/sdk/ndk/index.html

Just not recommended :)
Lean the following, and you're set:

-c++ references
-c++ pointers
-c++ classes/structures
-c++ dynamic memory
-c++ functions
-c++ STL (optional but recommended)
-c++ arrays
-c++ inheritence and polymorphism

you should probably know half of these already, after learning everything you can pick up the Graphics Libraries, up to you.

also you should know everything about Loops (for loops, while loops and do loops) and string objects, and simple things like how to generate a random number and stuff like that, make your programs somewhat more interesting especially if you want to write games.
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ResidentBiscuit, I like that, thanks you :)
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