books. 6th or 7th edition

Hello I started to learn C++ a bit ago and wondered what peoples thoughts were on books and where to start. Currently i own C++ Sams 21 days 6th edition, is it okay if I continue to use it? Or should I just buy the seventh edition of it? Thanks, I really hoped I could just keep using it but if it's not a great idea I would like to know. Cheers.

If you are going to learn that way, then I would say keep the 6th edition and use the free tutorial on this website to help explain other concepts.

You won't become a master of C++ through that book, but it is a good start.
are the tutorials on this site up to date it says the last year updated was 2007......isn't that before C++ 11? or does that even matter?
> Or should I just buy the seventh edition of it?

If you want to buy a good introductory book which is up to date with current C++, this would be the stand-out choice:

Some good web resources: (Thinking in C++ volumes 1 and 2).

Thanks. You guys are a great help, thanks for everything if you can think of anything else I can do to speed on my way to becoming proficient in C++.
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