Help linking a txt file to .EXE not a folder

HI everyone.

I'm having trouble following some hw instructions say "that means the input and output files need to be in the same folder as your compiled and linked excutable code (your EXE file)." Not sure what this means, as I am using Code blocks and the CodeSnippet for the input and output folder, and it simply seems to link to the folder to my computer not the .EXE. Gunna need some help on this one, because Im not following what this means or how to do it at all. And Im not seeing any instructions on how to do it anywhere. The Streaming in and out concepts no problem, how to actually link them in the compiler with .EXE?

If I make a new folder for hw4pr2 and place hw4pr2input.text within it? This will still display a ("C:\Documents and Settings\etc) anyhow in the code from the linked codesnippet.

as in: ("C:\Documents and settings\HW\HW4\hw4pr2input.txt")

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a) thats not linking.
b) you really cant understand that? just put the input/output files in the same folder as the exe
is this what your after? (".\\hw4pr2input.txt")
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