fstream and ofstream difference

can someone tell me the difference between ofstream and fstream? thank you
They are both filestreams.
fstream objects opens a file in user-specified mode, it could be to read from, write to, and(or)in binary mode.
ofstream objects opens a file only for output mode.
thanks, how come when I change an fstream to an ofstream I get an error no matching function for call to getline (::std:ofstream&, std::stream&)
That depends on what arguments you supply to std::getline()
std::getline() does not take TWO std::fstream or std::istream object but rather an std::istream or std::ifstream object with another data type(int, const char *, std::string etc). I guess you supplied it two wrong arguments.

EDIT: I omitted the word "TWO"
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great thanks Matri X. great explanation. I really need a huge c++ dictionary with every term and its possible use I suppose.
I really need a huge c++ dictionary with every term and its possible use I suppose.

A good starting point would be the search box at the top of this page. It usually gives the reference page for standard C++ terms.

If you're looking for some great documentation the above link in my mind is the best.

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