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Implement a city database using unordered lists. Each database record con- tains the name of the city (a string of arbitrary length) and the coordinates of the city expressed as integer x and y coordinates. Your database should allow records to be inserted, deleted by name or coordinate, and searched by name or coordinate. Another operation that should be supported is to print all records within a given distance of a specified point. Implement the database using an array-based list implementation, and then a linked list im- plementation. Collect running time statistics for each operation in both im- plementations. What are your conclusions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two implementations? Would storing records on the list in alphabetical order by city name speed any of the operations? Would keeping the list in alphabetical order slow any of the operations?

THis is a project that I have to implement but I just don't know how to do it. Although I'm sure it's easy, I'm just a terrible programmer but I'm trying to become much better.
How much do you know so far? Have you tried anything?

If you have used classes, this is the best way to go.(Pretty much the only way.)

With linked lists especially.

Well what I was thinking essentially was to create two classes one for linkedlist and one for array. And then in my main file i would create a menu using switch statements that will use the two classes I created.

The only problem is that I'm terrible at coding but I may be able to do something with psudocode I guess.
Yes, good idea. Do you have any idea of the structure of your classes?
No, actually I do not. That's what I'm still having problems with. I have no idea where to start in implementing the classes for linkedlist and the array.
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