Calculation error

after I put in all my numbers and the result is displayed I get a huge or tiny number. Not sure what the problem is.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
//Declare Variables
int height, age;
double weight, bmr;
char gender;

cout<< "Enter your weight in pounds\n";
cin>> weight;
cout<< "Enter your height in inches\n";
cin>> height;
cout<< "Enter your age in years\n";
cin>> age;
cout<< "Enter male or female\n";
cin>> gender;

if (gender == 'male')
66 + (6.3 * weight) + (12.9 * height) - (6.8 * age);
655 + (4.3 * weight) + (4.7 * height) - (4.7 * age);

cout<< "Your bmr is"<< bmr << "calories\n";

What did you store in bmr?
It looks like you are getting what ever was at the memory location when bmr was initialized.
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In these places, you are not assigning bmr a value:
66 + (6.3 * weight) + (12.9 * height) - (6.8 * age);

655 + (4.3 * weight) + (4.7 * height) - (4.7 * age);

EDIT: You are also mixing data types: doubles and ints. And, gender will only accept one character.

You should define gender like this: char *gender;, and then,
use ""'s instead of '''s in the if and else statements.
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char gender can store only one character but you are checking that if it is equal to "male" i.e they are four characters.

66 + (6.3 * weight) + (12.9 * height) - (6.8 * age);
you are niether assigning it to any variable nor using it in any other way.better assign to some variable to use it.
All that stuff worked! thanks guys!
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