Programming program.

I dunno where to post this but which program do you prefer?
Currently I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and am thinking of switching to Embarcadero.

Sorry if this is the wrong forums to be asking these kind of questions but i couldnt find the "right" place to post these things at.
Please, explain "Programming program".
He, maybe, wanted to say, not a program, but a compilator.? :)
I meant a compilator, yes :) haha
I find microsoft visual to be somewhat buggy and wanted to know peoples opinion about what compilator they prefered
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Compilator? Or compiler?

I like the C++ compiler provided in GCC. The current version fully supports C++11.
he means an IDE I am guessing.

Try code::blocks
Lol "Programming program". I'm sure @giblit is right and he is refering to an Integrated development environment (IDE).

Compiler is what the IDE uses to turn your program into a language the machine can understand and thus execute. If you need to install a c++ compiler, follow these instructions:

Recommend netbeans:
Other IDE's include Eclipse, code::blocks, or Monodevelop
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Thanks Smac89 (and everyone else trying to help).

I'll try netbeans :)

Btw, is there a compiler included in netbeans?
Thanks in advance
IDE's come with compilers , debugger , and text editor almost always.

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