Looking for a good tutorial.

I am not a complete beginner but may as well be, a while back i tried doing c++ off a youtube tutorial that taught me most of the basics.

What would I need to read/follow/learn in order to make a basic console game (Text based, keyword triggers). I prefer not to READ per-say and just DO (Better at hands on than reading in terms of learning)

I would like to learn how to make something very basic like that, then gradually learn ways to improve upon it. Right now I am looking at a game with multiple "maps" (Different game play scenarios), weapons, heroes/races, and statistics for those objects. But it is going to be very short at the start.

I am also fine with answers saying I shouldn't jump into making a game of any sort but regardless I am going to try it, and chances are it's going to look and run terrible - but I will use it as a learning experience.

I have not attended college yet for c++ scripting but I am trying to get a headstart on my classmates before I do =)
Look on YT for Rachel J Morris. She actually has a good website as well that has info on C++. Also, I actually think this sites documentation for C++ is excellent. If you want check out my channel and see if you like what I have personally done so far i may do a tutorial or two.


my YT is http://youtu.be/nO5gASXT0AI
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