What next?

So i wrote a C++ program.. Now i'm wondering, what to do next? to make it presentable to a user, user friendly..Possibly a design, i don't know..I'm new to this..I mean if you look at a supermarket program, it's written with code dahh but have a good and a friendly user presentation.. How to do this?
I hope somebody understood me..
What is the program so far?

How much are you willing to learn to get it more user friendly? For instance, do you want to use wxwidgets or something (which will take considerable time and effort to learn) to make a proper GUI, or do you just want a tidy console program?
No man just a tidy console program..
Add a basic menu system, use console colors, and most importantly, arrange everything in a proper order!
i think you misunderstood me..I need a program to present the c++ program for the user without him seeing the code.
what ???
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sorry guys..Obviously i'm a beginner in c++ as why this topic was stated in the Beginners part of the forum...
All i want to know does there exist a simple way to present a text of coding in a friendly way to the user without the user seeing the coding?
If not thank you and forgive my inexperience
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The program won't just output it's code. It will only display what you code it to.
That's what I want, of course not outputting the code..Just something to present the program written to the user as a good decent presentation.Can you recommend such a program or method for that if exists? Thank you.
When you write and compile a program, the source code will not be displayed on the console window, for example:

cout<<"Game Over"<<endl;

in this case i've only sent the string literal "Game Over" to the output window, cout<< & <<endl; will not be displayed, i assume you've never compiled a source code before, so you probably don't know what a compiler is, or how programs are made, if you really want to write your own programs, then look up some online tutorials or buy a book or watch videos on youtube, and if there's something you need help with something you don't understand, feel free to post your questions here, i'm sure everyone here would be more than happy to help you out.
dear i'm using visual studio and i i know how to compile and how the result will shown on the screen.. What i'm seeking for is a different prog to see the output
> dear i'm using visual studio and i i know how to compile and how the result will shown on the screen..
> What i'm seeking for is a different prog to see the output
> without the user seeing the coding?

Once you have compiled and linked the program (from within Visual Studio), it generates an executable image (an exe file). To run the program, Visual Studio is not required.

For instance, you could close Visual Studio, use explorer to get to the directory (folder) containing the exe, and run it from there. Or you could copy the exe to a different directory (without the source code) and run it from there - either via explorer or directly from the command console.
Editor -> source code -> compiler -> object code -> Linker -> Exe.file

that's the creation of an executable file from c++ source code.
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I think the problem is that we often use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to assist us when creating a program. To a beginner it's hard to tell where that environment ends and the actual program begins, as the interactive nature of the environment makes the process appear seamless.

But anyway, the point is, to share the program with someone else, we don't need them to install Code::Blocks or Visual Studio or whatever tools we are using. We keep the tools ourselves and only distribute (a copy of) the finished product.

And the finished product, as has already been mentioned, is the executable program, the something.exe file.

(The same applies for our own use too of course. We don't need to fire up the IDE and recompile the code each time we want to use some useful program which we have written).
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Thank you all for your help, i really appreciate it
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