How do people fix crashes (SDL 2.0)

Well I got my first program crash, and I have no clue how to fix it. I got it from migrating SDL 1.2 into SDL 2.0 for the first time with a Lazyfoo tutorial.
I want to know how to fix a crash step-by-step.
After that we will talk about fixing the program.
Hi, I've been taking flight lessons from Bob's Driver's Ed, and my aircraft crashed.
Can you give me a step-by-step lowdown on how to correct the crash?
After that we'll talk about fixing the helicopter.

Hope this helps you refine your question.
No no no.
I did not drive bob's car as an aircraft.
I put wings n' stuff on it but i think I'm missing something, and its causing it to crash. Honesty, I put all the aircraft parts that i need in it for the motor to spin, and it just explodes before I can do anything.
Do you want to see the hood of the heli to see if you can fix it?
You might had put the wings on it but whose to say those wings aren't from the wrong Aircraft? Can't have a jumbo jet flying on tiny little paper airplane wings. Now give something to work with -_-.
Sorry I exaggerated, but you still need to refine the question. Just saying you put the wings on in the right spot is useless.

Try to reproduce the problem in as little code as you can, and post it here, along with your SDL setup, etc.
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