SDL Problem, Please Help

Hi, SDL beginner over here

I started out using SDL and so far I have been able to Build tictactoe and Hangman.
I thought my next project will be BlackJack - the problem is I don't know how to Diplay specific numbers on the screen as TTF_RenderText_Solid() renders constants and arrays but not intergers

ofcourse I can create an If....Else block for each possible number but that would take too much time

My Game Scope is that the player bids a number and I want to display the amount which he has put on the table and I want to display the amount left with him.

Any Help Is Appreciated.

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Create a string from the number.

If for some reason you can't use to_string() (happened to me on MinGW 4.7) you can use sprintf()
Thank You Man
Im Back On Track
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