C++ editor/IDE for Mac?

Please don't suggest XCode. I hate XCode.

So, I've recently bought a C++ book called "Jumping into C++", because apparently the tutorials on this website aren't enough to get a good understanding of C++.

The book, so far, has been great. I'm still going over the basics again, because I haven't coded in C++ for a while, but it seems like a good book. But there's only one problem: I can't find a good IDE/Editor!! Here's what I've tried:

Layout is far too small, looks ugly and doesn't have nice code completion.

Fantastic, but on Mac if you enable code completion it crashes. There is currently no fix for this.

Crashes on startup. Currently no fix.

Can be slow, and has a very ugly layout.

How does anyone use Emacs?? xD

Building C++ myself from Terminal
A long process

Sublime Text(2 & 3)
Doesn't always build correctly. Syntax highlighting doesn't always work correctly.

Eclipse CDT
Couldn't get it to work correctly. Crashes because Eclipse runs out of memory after re-indexing my entire computer.

So, are there any C++ Editors/IDE's out there for Mac? Maybe even a Linux one that works via MacPorts?

Well there's...

Please don't suggest XCode. I hate XCode.

Oh...but it is good, shame you hate it.


Looks like it's a good choice! Thanks! :)

EDIT: Yep! Geany is absolutly fabulous! I love it! Thanks! :)
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I can give to you a suggestion -Editor/Compiler- if you don't like the Xcode

Vi Editor + g++ compiler.

1. vi is already installed -there are no step 1-
2.install the "command line tools" from the apple developers page
developer.apple.com (developer account: needed)
3.Open the terminal and enjoy.
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