Text-based RPG: NPC dialogue data (Lua vs XML)

Hello, everyone! I'm in the process of making a text-based MUD-style RPG. I'd rather not have a gargantuan class filled with all of the game's dialogue and narrative bits, so I decided to look into more organized methods of storing the data...which led me to XML and Lua.

I tried to research what I could about them, and from what I gathered XML is easier to use than Lua, but it has more limitations regarding NPC logic. I'm just curious as to which route you all think I should go with this. On that note, should I even be looking at Lua or XML at all? Should I just stick with C++ for the entire project?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I'd go with Lua. You can use it for more things too.
I'm sorry, but could you please specify as to why? I'm just trying to become well informed here. :)
Bump...still trying to research this and coming up short.
You could just make a text file and read from that. It wouldn't be too difficult to use special characters to separate the dialogue.
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