Check integer for 0 on last digit


Is there a way to check if an integer say 123456 has a 0 on the last digit using bitwise operators only and not string conversions?


123450 //This has a 0 for the last digit
123456 //This does not have a 0 for the last digit 

I'm attempting a problem but the conversion from int to string is a huge bottleneck in a loop.

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You could use bitwise operations to check for a binary zero, or even a hexadecimal or octal zero. But if it's everyday decimal digits you are interested in, then the modulus operator % is probably the simplest method.
123450 % 10 == 0
123456 % 10 != 0

Wow I thought it required something complex , although I did think about the modulus operator i didn't see how it could do that. Thanks!
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