Image Croping In C++

I have an assignment on OMR(Optical mark recognition) ,
following are the requirements , we have 2 images ,
1. main-image(tiff)
2. sub-image(tiff)

The Following are my requirements :
1) All the occurrence of the marker(sub-image) positions in the scanned(main-image) image, must be identified.
2) Based on all the occurrence, we need to do Cropping work on the scanned(main-image) image

Need to do it c or c++.

I have done R&D on ImageMagick(Magick++) library for the above,but ImageMagick also provides
Command line Program's for this, among which "compare"(Command line Program) with the -subimage-search option
returns the best match offset. ie.(Returns Only one best matched Offset Value among the several offset values)

but I'am not able to find an equivalent function in c or c++.

Thanks in advance.

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sdl would do it. use that and then google something like sdl_resize. its not an official part of the library, but ive used it, and it works good. cropping would be easy with a few sdl functions though
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