How to learn OpenGL

Hey all, wondering a good source to learn basic OpenGL for XCode. I'm pretty new to programming so I don't understand a lot of the jargon that goes on. I know I'm trying to run before I can walk but that's how I learn best...

Specifically trying to program Sierpinski's Triangle up to the n'th iteration (as specified by user). I'm generally into fractals and modeling of mathematical systems (if that helps in which direction I should look - don't care about making games particularly).

Money is also kind of tight or else I would just pick up a book. But on that topic, any good books for C++ XCode users looking into graphics?
Look at this guide I found:
Not sure if it relates to what you want to learn or not....
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Eh, OpenGL for Mac is complicated because of the drivers being limited to OpenGL 3.2 (which is strangely close to the Mesa drivers...). I'd still recommend SuperBible v6 as that's the direction that driver updates will be heading and it's core subjects can still be applied to OGL ~3.2 (with extensions).
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