How to import txt files?

Hi, I am new in programing and I need help.
I am trying to make a console application that prints something on the screen.
It is too big, so I don't want to make a huge code.
I want to import and print on the screen the txt files with the text I need.
Please answer with c code, not c++ because i don't know c++.
Thank you.
Hi there,

As this is a C++ forum, people are more likely to know about (and answer with) the C++ way of handling files, which is much safer to use than the C-way.

You will need all the functions and examples you need in the cstdio header documentation:

Make sure to check the entire list of functions, not only the ones under "file access".

All the best,
Thank you.
You see I am having lessons in c and not in c++.
So I prefer c.
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