Link soil.h and libsoil.lib

Hey, need ur help again.
I downloaded both and now iam trying to link it with Visual Express 2012.

What i've done:

For SOIL.h:

Project-Properties -> i added the Include directory
Then i "#include<SOIL.h>" in my main file.

For libSoil.lib:

There was a file in the lib folder called libSOIL.a i renamed it to libSOIL.lib.
Afther that in Project-Properties i added the library directory.
Then in Linker-> Input -> i added in additional dependencies: C:\Users\name\Desktop\OpenGl\libraries\soil\Simple OpenGL Image Library\lib;

Now iam trying to compile a program from Nehe Tutorial(Lesson 6) but iam getting this error:

"C:\Users\name\Desktop\OpenGl\libraries\soil\Simple OpenGL Image Library\lib.obj" kann nicht geƶffnet werden

But in this folder is not a file named: lib.obj

Hope u can help

Hi there,

You may want to move your topic into the "windows programming" forum. Also, for better understanding, you may want to translate the error into English (C:\ ... can't be opened).

All the best,
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