advise on how to create a specific game idea

Hi guys. Ive been messing with c++ for a bit now and making games in the console window. Now i want to move on to making real games in 3d. Actually, I want to make something really specific because i think its a really good idea. I want to create an evolution of minecraft. This will involve three main adaptations.

I propose to allow players to use layers of abstraction by creating components and then building components out of components and components out of component components ect... This will allow players to work with VERY tiny individual squares giving them the advantages of finer detail and higher resolution in the structures they create while the abstraction layers ensure that this is not an overly time consuming process.

Second i want to replace cubes with spherical globs. To visualize how this action would work, adjacent globs would form a capsule with a length that is twice the width. This would be a problem with giant globs the size of squares in minecraft, but with the previously mentioned smaller size and abstraction layers it would allow for corners that were effectively sharp enough for most appilications.

There wouldn't be any gameplay involved, this would be purely for creative expression and so the entire game world would be user generated. I wouldn't even want to worry about procedural generation. I would be fine with the player starting out in empty space with nothing but a toolset. all i would need to do us build a very basic suite of tools for the player to work with and let the players do all of the hard work for me =).

Anyway now to the point. What do i need to do next to learn how to make this? would game engines offer the functionality to build this? would i need to build my own engine? if i need to build my own engine what software suites should i use? ALLEGRO, SDL, SFML, other? heaven forbid i need to start at the opengl level.

anyway thanks for taking a look!
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Woah, woah, woah. Hold on there. Have you made any 2D games yet? Making a game is one hard task, and 3D is another hard task in and of itself. Slow down - make some 2D games first to get the 'aking a game' part down, then you can venture into 3D.
i made tic tac toe in 2d with a gui and stuff that takes input from the mouse by clicking on the squares. but thats not the point of this post really.

i think you misinterpret my goal. im not trying to get advise on what software to use so i can go make this game tomorrow. i want to know what software/libraries would be used to make this game so i can start learning about THAT software/libraries.

so i need to start building 2d games first, ok but if i start by building 2d games with the same software that i could use to make the game that i described above than that would be advantageous towards realizing my ultimate goal.
ok well i've been doing a lot of research and it looks like i probably would just need to learn how to use a game engine like unity. that way i would already have collision detection and character movement and physics built in.

im going to start down that path and leave this thread open so if anyone would like to offer advise please do.
Tic Tac Toe to making a full 3D game is like saying you fixed your bike chain so now you're ready to build a Ferrari.
i asked for advise on what sort of software would be best to learn for that purpose. after doing research on my own i learned that unity3d would have been a great answer to the question. with unity i could practice building simple 2d games while at the same time be learning how to use software that would allow me to realize my ultimate goal. there are good answers to my question, what you wrote up there is totally non helpful and non productive.
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