Who's C++ tutorials should I be watching?

Lately I've been watching TheNewBoston's C++ tutorials... But I have some problems with it.

He seems to lack the professional attitude that I learn well from, his speech is often times un-organized and slurred sounding, and he makes many mistakes in how he writes out his code from what I've seen... Now I have been learning quite a bit from him but I was wondering if there were any other tutorial makes out there that anyone on here would like to suggest? And since I'm still fairly new at this, I'm going to throw out a few more questions, so if you could give me some info on them too that would be amazing.

Should I continue learning C++? Or switch over to C##? I believe C## is newer but what benefits will I get if I switch to it?
The compiler I use right now is Dev-C++, and so far I know it supports C and C++, but will it support C## if I switch over to that? And is it even a good compiler? AND if I am going to be switching to C## and Dev-C++ doesn’t support C## then what compiler should I get?

Thank you greatly to all who can answer my question.
What is C##?

And I highly recommend you continue to learn C++, though not with an outdated compiler like Dev-C++
I have searched youtube for many C++ tutorials, outside of a college level course in C++, TheNewBoston's has the best I've seen.

As far as languages you will find C++ extremely useful to any other programming language you choose. I am presently taking a Java course and have found my basic knowledge of C++ to be a lifesaver.

Things you learn in C++ will also carry over into C#.
I am trying to create a C++ video tutorial course but i am the worst youtuber in history xD


anyway give me some likes ;D
Lol I thought thats what C Sharp was called.. Boy do i feel stupid. Haha someone corrected me on another forum.

And im running into a problem. Code blocks dosint seem to wanna work on my computer. i just spent about two hours trying to get it working but for whatever reason it will let me write the code, but it will not test nor compile it because it dosint install the compiler. Any other IDE's i should try?
You have to install the compiler you want to use with Code::Blocks separately, such as gcc (MinGW on Windows).
Where do i get that? (As you can probably tell I'm pretty green with C++)
Google is an excellent resource ;)
But im slightly confused, so before i go download it. When i installed code::blocks on my windows 7 computer it installed all the compilers without me needing to do it manually. Infact if gave a menu when starting a new project of a list of compilers what was build in. I still have that menu on this computer only difference is that it dosint work on this computer for whatever reason.
Okay. I seem to have gotten everything working. Thank you everyone. :)
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