Advice for begginer making a Calculator

hello buddies sorry im bothering you but im a starter and are making a prog that calcs Areas of Circles, Triangles and Rects.
The question is what method should i use to allow the user to toggle between Geometrical Figure.
I was thinking about something like:

	cout << ("Welcome please choose:") << endl << ("A = Calculate the Area of a Triangle.") << endl <<
		("B = Calculate the Area of a Rectangle.") << endl << ("C = Calculate the Area of a Circle.");
	cin >> answer1;

but im such a noob i dont know how to "CALL" the supposed class (e.g class ARect)

any help? thabks sorry if im not speaking my mind well. :) Thanks any ways have a nice day :)
i suggest u to use the switch statement
thank you i will :)
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