May Temperature

How may I start this program to find the average high, average low and average of the averages (the monthly average)of the month May?
He expects the output should be like this:
Expected screen output:
Average High: 73.61 Average Low: 46.87 Monthly Average: 60.48
Std Dev High: 9.74 Std Dev Low: 7.73 Std Dev Average: 7.94

Read the (input) data. Calculate statistics. Print results.
how to read the input data
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That depends, does the user enter the data through the keyboard, or does the data come from a file?

User entered:
From a file:

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I would rather say that it does not depend. In both cases one reads from a stream. Whether the stream represents cin or file is not relevant for usual reads.

Naturally, if the cin version reguires UI spoonfeeding of the user on what to do next, then that version has more stuff.
the data come from a file.
You have to know the format of the data. Whether there are text or numbers, in which order, and what they mean.
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