need help for this 3 problems.

PLease help me toget this code....huhuhuhu...Iam a BSBA student but my teacher i dont know if he was sick that he gave me this project c++ i dont know how to code this difficult problems...somebody need your help..huhuhu

1. write a program that takes one REAL value as input and compute the first integer n such that 2n is greater than or equal to the input value . The program should output both n and 2n .

2. write a program that will read in a number n and then output the sum of the squares of the number from 1 to n. Thus, if the input is 3, the output should be 14 because: 12 + 22 + 32 = 1 + 4 + 9 + 14

3. A perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of all those positive integers ( excluding itself) that divide it evenly. The first perfect number is 6, because its divisor ( excluding itself) are 1,2,3 and because 6 = 1+2+3 . Write a program to find the first three perfect numbers (including 6 as one of the three).
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Can you please show us where exactly you're facing difficulty in solving those problems? We'll definitely try to help you. And please read these guidelines if you're new :
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