Project-wide redefinition of builtin types


I'm writing a library that needs a lot of fixed length integer values such as uint32_t and uint64_t defined as standard in the cstdint header.

For convinience I wanted to write a redefinition header "commons.h" that redefines unsigend int and unsigned long to this types and include this header in all headers.

Drawback: I force the user of my lib to live with this redefinitions when including one of the lib's headers.

What do you think of that approch? Is there a way to elimitnate the drawback while still getting to use the redefined builtins?

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Why not just use the fixed length integer types directly? Is there some reason you absolutely have to use "unsigned int" to mean, say, "uint32_t" instead of simply using "uint32_t"?

If you must, you should put your library code in namespaces so when you do typedefs like that they will be local to your library namespace.
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