while loop to calculate average

hello everyone,

I'm very new to c++ and was asked to write a program using a while loop to calculate the average, it will keep asking for grades until you enter -1

so this is what i came up with which is clearly wrong.

please help me to right directions,

thank you all.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main (){
int grade; //declaring a variable
int t; // meaning the total number of grades
double average; // using double here because we are calculating for it
double total;

cout<< "What is your grade: "; // any number from 0 to 100
cin>> grade;
if (grade<0 || grade>100) cout<<" enter a number within 0 to 100
else {
t += 1;
total = total + grade;
while (grade>=0 || grade <=100);
average = total / t;
cout<<" the average of your grades is: "<<"\n";

return 0;

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