Assignment ATM Machine with 10 Customer

Hey guys , I just received new task. I must write code for ATM machine with 10 customers data in the program. This is the question >>

Can you guys give me some idea , i have no idea how to start.
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Really should not ask forums to do your homework. But what I would do is have a while loop that shows this menu until quit is set to true. Quit is a bool variable which is set to false in the beginning and only set to true if 5 is entered.
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Well, at least you exhibit an amusing level of laziness. "I don't want to type out what my assignment is, so here's a picture I took of it."

Oh, and "bump" is too long of a word to type, I'm going with "bum."

Start with #include <iostream> .
I did this project not so long ago... Here's mine
I didn't ask for people on this forum to do the coding. Just asking what should I use , e.g:function , array , structure or other thing that will work. And I'm new to this forum , sorry if I'm being rude.

Vegabond : Nice program you did there friend.
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