Need help making a program

well, first of all hello guys

This is my first post and i really didn't want to do this but i'm desperate and i really need help with this

feel free to ignore this thread if this forums aren't for this kind of help

well the thing is that i have to make a program with C++ and i need it for tomorrow but i don't know anything about programing right now as i'm new in this college i am right now and i never used C++ before in my life, just FORTRAN in Programming 1 from my previous college (this is Programming 2 in my new college)... i asked for help to the professor telling her that i'm worse than a no0b in programming and needed help and tips and she said that "it's not her problem and i need to figure it out myself"...

this is the problem (english is no my first language so i'll try to be as accurate as possible with the translation)

"The professor of the Programming 2 group needs to process information related to a list of grades of his students, he requires to sort the list according to one grade that is the result of the average of 3 items, at the same time it alse requires to find any student by id number or name. How would you make a program to help your teacher with this problem?

To make this program you need to:
Save the information of the students in multidimentional arrays and make a sorting and search of this information."

that's the problem i have, i've been checking books, asked other students in college even tutorials on youtube and nothing is helping me, this is my last resort... i would really appreciate if anyone who could help me out with this, i'm really desperate...

anything would be helpful, something i can use to get started and have an idea of what i have to do, anything to make it at least a bit easier for me

with nothing else to say, hope you have a good day/night

  No code available, sorry
This could be a good start ;)

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    cout<<"Hello world!"<<endl;

    return 0;
If I were you I'd look up loops, arrays, multidimentional arrays and std::string.

Structures would be a great way to handle that aswell. Structure and vector or map.
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