Socket Programming in c++

hello everyone, I'm trying to make my college project which is a chat forum or more like a chatting program which will connect 2 computer or more. For that socket programming is needed. I'm not so pro at c++ and i dont have any knowledge of socket programming. Can any one give me some basics of socket programming so that i can start making project. I have searched on google and tried some sites to but i couldn't understand a thing. I want the explanation of all d keywords which are used in socket programming and of all the methods and everything. Please Please Please help me!! Thank You :D
The de facto starting point:

Be aware, that is using BSD sockets, which are pretty low level. There are libraries out there that provide a nice interface around this. SFML has a pretty simple networking module you could look at, if you can. Not sure what the requirements of the project is.
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Since you're talking about a chat application - which is usually implemented asynchronous - you may want to have a look at Boost::asio:

The examples even include an example chat server / client.

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