I'm new to programming, and wondering if programming logic ties in with C++?

Hey I'm a student and pretty new to programming. My first class was a programming logic class(CIS 115). I did fairly well in that class, we learned about pseudocode, algorithoms, arrays, loops, ect.

My next class is in C++ (CIS 170). I was wondering if any concepts from what I have learned from the previous course applies to C++. Also, any tips outside of my C++ course the will help, grasp C++ or should try another language first?

If this helps, I am earning a Bachelors of Science/ Computer Information Systems, with a concentration in Web Game Programming. So I will be able to develop dynamic web sites, dev multiplayer online games, maintain servers, and the other I forget. Thanks in advance for the help.

I'd say everything you learned in that programming logic class will be relevant to C++ and to most other programming languages too.

The thing about C++ is that it's easy to get bogged down in the finicky details of the syntax and what exact code to use to get the compiler to accept your code, that you can lose sight of the bigger picture. I think that first class should be something to keep in mind as you work through C++ and the other classes too.
Thanks Chervil! I was just curious because, there are alot of different aspect to C++ than in programming logic, from what I have seen. It seem pretty tough to learn, I just wanna get good at programming in C++. I'm not looking to be great. I just figure learning this language 1st, would make easier to learn other langauges.
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